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Laura Dewey Wins Chamonix

The Alta Snowboard Team congratulates Laura Dewey for her top finish at the Swatch Freeride World Tour in Chamonix-Monte-Blanc on January 22,  2013.  Dewey had several setbacks on her journey to France, but her strong will and determination put her on top.

Laura at Chamonix

Laura’s first flight leaving Salt Lake City was delayed by an ice storm.  Her plane leaving from Washington D.C. was cancelled.  After being re-booked and barely making it on a flight to London she found out her bags were not going to arrive in time for the event.  Once she did make it to the World Freeride event she rented some boots, Tim Carlson lent her a Lib Tech board and she raced away to the event.  Literally she was running across Chamonix in order to make the start time.  Once on top of the mountain Laura knew what she had to do.  She said she felt relief and excitement.  She worked hard for this run and she was going to have fun and make her efforts count.  Despite all the obstacles Laura faced on her journey to the mountain, she had an awesome clean line linking four jumps and won the women’s snowboard event.

Laura’s perseverance despite all the setbacks makes her a driving force and inspiration to the whole team.  Laura is affectionately known as the ladies’ captain of the Alta Snowboard Team.  Her roots run deep at Alta and Snowbird, the Freeride community, and the river community. Most recently,  Laura’s international travels have opened a new door for her full of new opportunities and experiences. She now has good friends in France she wants to visit again.

Photo: Freeride World Tour

Laura qualified for the SWATCH Freeride world Tour based on her points from the 2011-2012 season and she will be competing next at Kirkwood, California on February 27, 2013.  The next international event Dewey will be competing in will be at Fieberbrunn Pillerseetal, Austria on March 9, 2013.

 Check out the Freeride world tour site for upcoming events, standings, and photos.  The site and the competitions are for both skiers and snowboarders.  One Love.

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